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The selective carious tissue removal approach

A minimally invasive approach to managing deep carious lesions – removing only the infected dentin – is scientifically proven to help prevent issues when exposing the pulp.

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Continuing education and practical training in perio with ADS’s online plateform

American Dental Systems (ADS) offers live interactive trainings on the topic of « Periodontal therapy and SPT », on their online platform ePractice32. Expand your knowledge, practice, …

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Sharpening dental instruments

Deppeler has developed a sharpening method that combines precision and simplicity, manually or with the help of the Easy Sharp Coach or the Easy Sharp …

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The sinus lift procedure

Placing implants in the posterior maxilla is often a challenge due to the frequent lack of bone caused by alveolar ridge resorption and maxillary sinus …

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perio curette DSS1CN DSS2CN

Complete periodontal treatment with only two curettes

The two Deppeler Smart Scaling periodontal curettes DS(S)1 and DS(S)2 are a reduced set that can replace up to nine instruments. Their shapes are complementary. …

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Peri-implant diseases prevention and treatment

As the dental implant market is growing globally, an increasing number of patients suffer from inflammation of soft tissue around implants. As the dental implant …

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