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Sharpening dental instruments

Deppeler has developed a sharpening method that combines precision and simplicity, manually or with the help of the Easy Sharp Coach or the Easy Sharp …

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The sinus lift procedure

Placing implants in the posterior maxilla is often a challenge due to the frequent lack of bone caused by alveolar ridge resorption and maxillary sinus …

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perio curette DSS1CN DSS2CN

Complete periodontal treatment with only two curettes

The two Deppeler Smart Scaling periodontal curettes DS(S)1 and DS(S)2 are a reduced set that can replace up to nine instruments. Their shapes are complementary. …

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Peri-implant diseases prevention and treatment

As the dental implant market is growing globally, an increasing number of patients suffer from inflammation of soft tissue around implants. As the dental implant …

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Dentist coronavirus covid 19

Swiss dentists back to work after COVID-19 lockdown

To help dentists in reopening successfully and safely their practice, we decided to gather impressions and advice on all key topics from Swiss dentists who …

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perio curette DSS1CN DSS2CN

Deppeler Smart Scaling curettes in Dental Tribune France

Deppeler Smart Scaling Forget about your Gracey curettes, try the Smart Scaling curettes! More information about the DSS curettes

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