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The SmartEndo kit is an upgrade in the essential instruments you need for your daily endodontic procedures. It was developed in collaboration with Style Italiano Endodontics groupThis entire kit is useful for endodontic treatment and retreatment procedures. The practitioner will also work occasionally with individual instruments for MB2 scouting, MTA or broken file removal.

Focus on SmartEndo Kit instruments

The SmartEndo Kit includes 5 multi-purpose hand instruments with innovative shapes to perform daily Endo work with efficiency, safety and ergonomy.

  • ExploraLong explorer – The long, thin and flexible body enables a better view under magnification. The quality of the steel gives high tactile feedback.
  • ExtEndoUnique instrument – The end is made for extending the length of guttapercha cones in longer canals. It is thin enough to introduce the tip inside the head of the cone. A millimetric scale continues on the body of the instrument. The design of the tip is also useful for guttapercha removal from the canals with a grasping action on the walls.*
  • MisurEndoDouble-ended probe – One side has been designed for conventional diagnostic probing. The other side is a guide to access cavity design correctly, with laser markings 4 (Pulp chamber roof – green), 6 (Pulp chamber floor -orange) et 9 (Furcation limit – red).
  • Prexo M: Simplified plugger with an innovative design – The smaller part has rounded edges to facilitate penetration inside the canal and for guttapercha plug in apical region. On the larger side, the drop-shaped end gives better control of guttapercha plugging and better penetration inside the root canal anatomy. This plugger is also suited for bio materials application.
  • MultiploRuler – A double ruler to measure rotary and manual files and to adjust the guttapercha cone length. On one end there is a dedicated space for collecting premixed sealers. Two slots, left and right, are useful for guiding the guttapercha cone while it’s collecting sealer.


What the experts say about SmartEndo

Smart Endo Kit is made for Endo lovers. We asked Dr. Fabio Gorni, co-founder of Style Italiano Endodontics and Dr. Riccardo Tonini how they use our manual instruments and what they love about them in our last Expert Series.




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